Tracy T.

March 22, 2018 | Categories:

I have two kids studying at The Discovery Years.  It's been a year since my son joined the school, and I feel I have probably known enough to really share my own experiences.  I love the school, and can probably write a lot about it... but to make this review concise, here are some of the reasons that I would recommend you to get the school checked out!

(1) Super experienced teachers with great patience
(2) The chance for all kids (from different age groups) to interact  while having their "own" space
(3) Great teacher-student ratio
(4) Easy drop-off/pick up driveway
(5) Great kids (& parents)
(6) Nice/sunny yard to play & run around
(7) Children really get to learn and develop
(8) A proper school with a very special "homey" feel

To evident the changes in my son from the strong resistance in the first couple of months to have really enjoyed the learning, playing and friendship at the school, I am just extremely thankful to the great teachers at the Discovery years!  In particular, Ms. Meeta it is the calmness in her, the patience she shows in her students, that you know your kids are put in "good hands"!

I was nervous having to send my daughter to the care at 18 months, Ms. Estella, being a very experienced teacher, has made the transitioning smooth for both of us. She has a special connection with each one of the toddlers in her class, and my daughter enjoys her time away from mummy while making new friends and learning new stuff!

The director, Ms. Nahzie, is very knowledgeable.  She knows her kids well, and offer great advice, ranging from educational to behavioral.  You know she really is "in the business" after you spend time talking to her!

Finally, my son really enjoys the special playing time with Ms. Shirin in the afternoon... and we all find Ms.Rita's smile very comforting!

I was going to keep this review short, but just feel it is necessary to write about the teachers, they really ARE great! ...and the school is really worth checking out!