Shara B.

March 22, 2018 | Categories:

My son started The Discovery Years Almaden about a year ago when he was 19 months.  All the teachers made the transition very easy for him and the whole family. They built a routine for him by always having a special book to read to him that really helped with the drop-off transition.  He is now very confident and loves going to school every morning.  We are greeted each morning by all the staff. Walking into the Discovery Years (which used to be a house and still feels like a home) is always a welcoming experience.  The facility is clean, orderly, and fresh.  If you have just driven by, you really need to check out all the amenities which you would have no idea about just looking at the front.  There is a huge back play area which includes grass, an amazing shaded sand box, shade trees, many play structures, a paved area for wheeled toys/games, outdoor seating areas, and a full bathroom...which really helps with potty training. There is also a separate shaded side yard for the smaller kids when they aren't quite ready for the larger play structures.  The teachers work great as a team and all the teachers know all the kids.  This is really helpful as the kids move up to the older classes as it makes the transitions more seamless.  One of the other things I really love about The Discovery Years is there is always a sense of calm there.  It is very rare that you even hear a child crying.  The teachers are flexible and understand kids have different personalities and how to work with each of them as individuals so all the kids grow, are happy, and engaged.  Other pluses are easy drop-off/pick-up, the neighborhood location, the pass-code protected entrance, and the size which allows families to get to know each other.  I highly recommend!