Facility Program Description


At The Discovery Years, in working with the children our goals are

  • To promote a healthy, positive self-image
  • To allow self-expression through music, storytelling, play acting and child –initiated exploration
  • To improve and build communicative skills
  • To develop social skills through group interaction
  • To teach self control
  • To recognize and respect individual creativity
  • To reward good behavior and a positive attitude

Daily Routine

Children of all ages are growing rapidly in every area of development – socially, physically, intellectually and emotionally. Developmentally appropriate activities and routines are planned and offer each child many opportunities for challenge and success. The curriculum includes both child and teacher directed activities in areas such as art, language development, science, drama, math readiness, social skills and music. You can find the daily routine for your center posted in the Parent Area.


We believe in positive reinforcement as a form of discipline. This approach is used in all of our centers. We follow these basic guidelines for discipline:

  • Be fair and consistent
  • Praise each child every day for something
  • There is always something to love in each child


Each child must bring a sheet and a blanket for naptime. If your child sleeps with a pillow you may bring one for them. Each week the sheet and blanket will be sent home for washing.

Snacks and Lunches

The Discovery Years serves a morning snack and an afternoon snack as well. Milk or fruit juice will be provided with snacks. You can find the snack menu for your center posted in the kitchen area. Some locations provide lunches as well. Contact your center for details.


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